How it works 

Lost & Found 


Receive Tags

  1. By Purchasing them online
  2. Along with another product purchased
  3. From your employer
  4. As a reward or gift

Getting Started

Three ways of signing up

  1. Log onto
  2. Using tag8 android app on your mobile
  3. Call centre support


1. Member registration

  • If you have purchased the tag online, your details will be configured onto your account directly
  • In other cases – product purchased, employer’s gift or reward – you register on tag8 website, tag8 app or calling customer support
  • You register using your mobile number, e-mail ID or a unique username.

2. Tag registration

Once you are registered, you may log onto your account and register the products you wish to tag.

  • Details of the product – gadget or item, brand, specifications, colour and any other distinguishing factor

Applying / attaching the tag to the valuable

Tags are available in two forms – hang tags (for bags and keys) and glue tags

Hang tags can be latched onto the registered valuable using the fasteners provided with the pack or can be simply attached to the key ring. The glue tags requires care when peeling from the release paper and applying to the valuable.

1. Hang Tags

  • Keep it on the outside of the bag and at a very prominent spot
  • The best option may be to loop it through the zip or the top handle
  • Do not keep it inside any of the zipped shelves; would be prudent to not require the Finder to open your luggage to find the Tag

2. Stick-on Tags

  • Make sure the area chosen to apply the tag is easily visible and clean
  • Carefully peel off the tag from its holder, apply it on a flat surface of your valuable away from any other tags and press firmly to seal the adhesive
  • 2-3 hours should be allowed for maximum adhesion to the product
  • Make sure it is not stuck, not even any of the corners, to a curved or sharp surface or edge. You run the risk of the tag not being effectively fastened or it wrinkling or coming off
  • Do not place the Tag in a cluttered place in the midst of labels or stickers; this will hamper the visibility of the Tag

Report Lost

There are two situations in the eventuality of your registered valuable being Lost : 1) You report ‘Lost’ 2) You don’t report ‘Lost’

1. You report ‘Lost'

  • We activate our network of partners to check any ‘Found’ on the product.
  • You have the option of supplementing our reward for the Finder at this step.
  • If found, the condition of the valuable is verified before you are called.
  • When our team calls you, the find is confirmed and the condition communicated.
  • Our team then picks up the product from the finder and delivers the valuable back to you.

2. You don’t report ‘Lost’

The only difference in this is the trigger for the initiation which will be a call from a finder with the owner ID. The condition of the  valuable is verified before you are called, and the rest of the process follows.

In order to expedite search for your valuable via our network, we urge each user to immediately register ‘Lost’ items through their account or our call centre.

How to optimise efficiency of the tag

  • Provide maximum information about the valuable that you are registering, so as to make identification easy
  • If you change the registered valuable, promptly update details on your page
  • Report lost products immediately so as to trigger alert
  • Supplement the tag8 reward to further incentivise the Finder to take the initiative to return your lost valuable.

Illustrative Tag

Tag material which is stylish and durable
Rewards message to incentivise the finder to return
Report your item by using 24X7 number or website
Access your database using the unique Owner ID